Fridays: RR

I decided this week I’d do a completely off the wall post that has nothing to do with photography. 🙂 Hence the reason (again) for naming Friday blogs; Random Fridays. Let me give you some backstory before we get to today. Natasha and I have had a dog, Gracie, for about a year now. She lives inside, and even sleeps with us at night. However, the hair ALL over the floor, even the walls, and our clothes is becoming a bit much. Plus, she is a VERY active dog and loves to run, and she just can’t get the running she wants to in our house. I thought I’d love having a indoor dog, but the fact that she’s is trapped by four walls kills me. She has plenty of time to lay around all day when she gets older. So the decision came last year to move her outside, but first we’d need to fence in our backyard (which will happen as soon as it warms up!!). Then the thought came that you can’t just have one dog outside; 1. she would drive us and the neighbors crazy barking and 2. that would just be lonely. We didn’t want to put her outside without a companion, and we didn’t want to introduce her to a new dog once we moved her outside because we wanted to have a dog that was relatively the same size, and that would require us getting a dog with some age, we wanted to start at puppy! 🙂

We decided to just go ahead and get a puppy now. We searched online one night and we found the cutest puppy around, but we thought we need to keep our options open, and every dog we looked at, we ended right back to Roxie. We come to Monday, I call up the Effingham Animal Rescue Center (E.A.R.S.) and ask if Roxie is still available, and she was! The weather just started to get bad, a thin layer of ice was on the snow, and I did not want to wait till Thursday to get her, so we fast tracked the paperwork, contacted the foster house and journeyed through the ice and snow to pick up Roxie. Fast forward to today, Roxie and Gracie are meshing so well. AND, all that money we invested into toys for Gracie are now becoming some of her favorites because she becomes jealous when Roxie wants to play with them. That makes getting Roxie worth it even more.

That’s all for this Random Friday post. I’ll leave you with some pictures from yesterday of the two playing together.