Studio Construction + My Glasses

There’s a reason I call these Random Fridays, primarily so I can discuss whatever I want, and it’s totally fine because it’s Random. 🙂 Studio Construction has kind of been on hold for a while with all the expos of this month, but now that the expos are behind we will continue with the construction this weekend (YAY!). I have my first meeting today at the studio. It’s nowhere near ready, but honestly hauling around a 20 lb album and a few other smaller albums is become quite difficult as their boxes are becoming very worn, and I do NOT want to drop this album.  So with one corner nearly complete, minus the furniture, I’m somewhat ready for the meeting. In either case it’s exciting to see the studio start to take some shape. And the wall space I have here is amazing! I’ll definitely be keeping my blog updated with construction, as well as my facebook page if you want to check it out:

So I know this is definitely a random thought, but I thought I’d just tell a little story. I do wear glasses, mainly to drive, because I do not have the best eyesight in the world. Anyway it seems the other day my dog, Gracie, thought my glasses were a toy and went to town on them. Needless to say I’m without glasses. I thought I could just call up my eye doctor and ask for another set of glasses with the same prescription, and apparently it’s a federal law that if it’s been more than two years that you must have another eye exam, not cool. Anyone who has ever worn glasses knows that after an exam, you put your glasses on and you feel like you are wearing glasses meant for Mr. Magoo and you feel like you are going cross eyed just to see through them. lol Lets cross our fingers that my eyesight has not changed in 2+ years.

That’s all I have for today’s Random Friday, I guess one last thought to send off is: It’s Friday!!! ENJOY!!! 🙂

Corner 1 of the studio. 🙂