Griffin // Altamont, IL Senior Pictures

Doing senior sessions for guys rock! Why? I can do things with the pictures that I can’t with girls. I know I’ve said this in the past (oh well), but with senior girls I tend to do more of a soft edit, it just make sense right? Girls have the soft glow edits and guys get the rough hard looking edits. Don’t even get me started with the photographers that add skin softening edits to guys, I mean come on! Guys are supposed to look rough and tough… not like a Ken barbie doll. So when Griffin contacted me for his senior pictures, I already had a couple pictures in mind, mainly with the basketball pictures. And he rocked the session and got some pretty awesome shots from the basketball pictures to the four-wheeler and even on the fairway at the golf course. Plus, it’s Fall, this is perfect weather, and it was overall a great session and I had a blast working with Griffin!