Hayley & Brennan // Teutopolis, IL Engagement Pictures

Coming out of a time of way too much rain and the humidity just starting to creep it’s way into May (halfway through the month) we had Hayley and Brennan’s session. Fortunately, May has been a pretty good month as far as weather. Sure it’s rained a bit (and by a bit I mean a LOT), but the temperature and humidity hasn’t been too bad and usually in Illinois this is about the time we start to feel the change. We did their session on the family farm and man, I do love family farms for sessions. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE city shoots, but both styles offer such great benefits over the other. Cities, obviously offer skylines and textures that you just can’t get on a farm. But a farm offers little or no audience as opposed to the hundreds if not thousands, like our NYE weekend Vegas shoot, of people to work around. So it’s definitely a much more relaxed environment shooting on the farm. And between the fields, barns, ponds, trees and everything in between there are so many opportunities for great backgrounds in the pictures.

Hayley and Brennan were a lot of fun to work with and were definitely willing to try anything to get the shot, even if that meant standing in a windless/extremely humid hayloft for about 10 minutes just to get a couple pictures… it was well worth it though. 🙂 After shooting on the family farm, we traveled a few miles down the road to shoot at another farm, but with a barn that definitely opened up some opportunity for some really cool pictures. Let alone the lighting was perfect in the location we were in. Overall it was an incredibly fun shoot. I definitely look forward to their wedding day, but we have to wait just over a year for that to happen. However, that leaves plenty of time to not only enjoy the engagement season of their life together, but it allows plenty of time to enjoy the engagement pictures.