Hope // Effingham, IL Senior Pictures

Hope’s session allowed me to revisit a location that I hadn’t been to in a while; actually a couple locations. The first location was a farm that I did for her sister’s engagement pictures, so it was great having a chance to look at it not through engagement photography eyes, but senior photography, the way I shoot is a little bit different, so it definitely provided a challenge, yet some excitement at the same time. The next location took us to downtown Effingham. I haven’t been here for a senior in over a year and since then I’ve been able to see what most other photographers are shooting and doing things to kind of change it up. I revisited locations I’ve been to before, but I tried things I’ve not tried before, angles that may be a tad different, or even edits that are far different then anything I’ve done in those locations. I’m not going to say there aren’t many locations in Effingham, because there definitely are, but there are some locations that are, well, the money locations. 🙂 Hope was great to work with, although I’m sure at times she thought I was a bit on the crazy side. haha A lot of times I’ll set up a pose, and whoever I am photographing, they will do something, maybe it’s brushing some hair out of the way, raise the arm a certain way, whatever, and it’s at that exact moment that makes for an amazing picture. It’s a moment that can hardly be explained it just has to be done, so when Hope would do something like this, I would work my inner cop and try to yell “freeze!” but it came out just a bunch of jumbled together sounds trying to get her to stop at the pose she was in. Fortunately she was awesome at posing, so I think she kind of knew at what moment I wanted her to stop at and these made for some pretty incredible pictures!! It’s never a dull moment, so I guess that’s always a good thing… even if it is at my expense.