Ice Storm!! 2011

The past couple days have not only been COLD, but they have been wet. It’s funny because every year where I am, we seem to always just miss the ice storm, it either goes north or south of us and yet never seems to affect this area. While we have not obviously seen the worst of it like other parts of the country have, we have received our fair share of ice and now snow! Thankfully (I think), we are not looking out the window and seeing 18+ inches of snow, however I might eat these words later as the snow seems to keep falling. As a photographer you know an event like this can’t go undocumented, so last night I pushed through the ice and snow to get to the studio, grabbed my camera and snapped some shots. 🙂 Have you ever seen those old pictures of downtown cities during the winter, or fields full of snow? Even though you may not be from that time and age they are so neat to look at. It’s cool to see how a place looked at a certain time. So I did my work to provide those pictures for the kids 50 years from now. That is if they ever somehow get their hands on my pictures, which who knows, we’ve all been to antique shops where someone has albums of pictures of some family you don’t know, but they are for sale. lol