Jackie+Devin // Teutopolis, IL Engagement Pictures

You could not have asked for a more perfect day. The temperature was great but not only from a physical feeling sort of thing but the way everything looked, grass and leaves were deep green, the sun was providing a perfect glow over all the plants and it made for some spectacular pictures. Many sessions for us around here seem to always happen on a family farm/property where there are some ties or special memories to where we are doing the pictures. However, there are those sessions where the couple, family, or senior don’t have anywhere in particular so we have to brainstorm some locations. If you know me just a little, you know that I hate doing sessions in the same locations. There are exceptions to this rule, I mean, photographing inside Busch Stadium for example is an obvious one, I do not mind doing that over and over. 🙂 But around in this area there are so many photographers that continually shoot their sessions in the same location, same time, same lighting, same everything. Even the poses are the same and so it really just looks like the same picture just a different face. I don’t want to get in this rut. Sure it means I know I’ll be able to produce a decent looking picture time and time again, but I don’t want just “decent”… how much fun is that. I strive to push myself every shoot and try something new at every shoot. This doesn’t mean it works every time but you never know till you try and you’ll never grow unless you try new things.

So with Jackie and Devin’s shoot we had to think of a location, so I got on google maps and scouted Teutopolis for some nice looking locations (thanks to street view I save a bunch of money on gas now for scouting haha). We found a park and some other properties that we would start out shooting and later head to a family property. The shoot went great. Jackie and Devin were another couple that when they looked at each other you could just see the love they had for each other glowing! The session was so much fun and thankfully not too hot that we could actually enjoy the session. I can’t wait for the big day, hopefully the weather is equally as nice!!