Jacob & Marisa // Effingham, IL Engagement Photography

I’m sure it’s this way with most people, but I do love the Fall season. My favorite comfortable clothes to wear are shorts and hoodies, and Fall is the perfect weather for it. But it’s also the perfect weather for a photo session because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, it’s perfect. Before every session, I ask a couple if there is a place that is meaningful to them, and sometimes they have a place, sometimes they don’t. Marisa and Jacob started their session at a dock on Lake Sara where their relationship started. It may not be the most ideal location for pictures, but here’s the thing, as a photographer, we are given the ability to make any location look good, and I think the pictures turned out great, but no matter what it’s a location that is meaningful to Jacob and Marisa, and these will be pictures they can look back on and remember where their time together began. And who knows, 20 years from now there may no longer be a dock there, so these pictures immediately become even more special to them. 🙂

It was funny, I had plans of driving around to many different locations but after just 30 minutes of shooting around the area, we had so many amazing looking pictures, and coming from some of the most obscure places. This is something I love to challenge myself with personally. Each session I love to look at things from a new angle, or find a location and try something that might turn out or might not turn out, but it’s this challenge or risk that would be stupid to take. Why would I want to become one of those photographers that takes their clients to the same locations, do the same poses, during the same lighting, same everything. How boring for me as a photographer, and how uncreative and lazy it would be of me to no offer my couples something unique. I will never get in that rut and if I do, that will be the day I stop doing photography, because while the Effingham area might be a relatively small area, we are nothing but a spec on the map, so we are giving this HUGE canvas to work with, why wouldn’t I take advantage of trying new things? So that’s what we did with Jacob and Marisa’s session. Sure we shot at some familiar locations, but we tried some new things, and even got some new locations in there, that I think turned out pretty awesome.

This was truly a fun session, and I’m so excited to be working with Marisa and Jacob and cannot wait till the big day!!