Jacob & Marisa // Grayville, IL Wedding Photography

While this was not my first wedding day of the year, Ryan and Monika’s wedding reception was technically my first, this was my first full wedding, and so begins the wedding season! 🙂 This is always an exciting time, it’s a new year meaning new gear, new shooting styles, new website, lots of new things. It’s definitely the thing I love most about this job because I love change, I will never stay satisfied where I am – if I ever do, I might as well call it quits. What is the fun of running your own business if you can’t be excited for change? 🙂 Anyway, Jacob and Marisa’s wedding already set the bar pretty high for this year, not only was their wedding day perfect weather, and just perfect overall, it was truly an adventure. We started in Grayville, IL where the wedding party prepared for the big day. When we showed up to start prep pictures, Marisa noted that she was excited when we arrived so she could stop doing all the thinking. I absolutely loved this, and I definitely don’t mean this from a prideful perspective, but it meant so much to me that she was willing to let us do whatever we needed to do to make sure the pictures throughout the day went smoothly.

After prep pictures and an amazing first look, we made our way out to the country to start pictures out at an old bridge. I had no idea where we were going, or what the bridge even looked like, this is always nerve racking for me. Are we going to drive all the way out here for some bridge that has a little rust on it and that’s it? Is the bridge really even that old? Is it so old that it’s actually more disgusting and won’t look good for pictures? I had so many questions running through my head as we drove out there. Not only was it quite a ways out, but the road we were on was some kind of rock/dirt road. You can tell this was an area that floods a lot from the debris on side of the road and because there were many spots where rocks weren’t even present; it was just dirt. AND, there were many spots that were muddy slop turning our car into a half red half mud vehicle. But it’s these kinds of adventures that I absolutely love. The further we drove out, I knew this had to be worth it and as we pulled up to the bridge, it looked amazing. It was that perfect mix of old, nasty and rusty, and awesome for pictures! As we approached the bridge, we had to walk across to the other side because of the location of the sun. As we walked across, I swear someone was going to fall through. The wood planks, the six inch gaps between planks, the rusty wood, I was honestly worried it would even hold us, let alone a car. I think the 3 ton limit sign might be a little much. My worries were proven wrong, because at the very moment that we got everything set up, a truck comes and crosses the bridge, leaving us hanging on to the railing praying this thing really can hold a vehicle. After a few minutes more of pictures, another truck makes it’s way onto the bridge. Not only did they cross, the truck stalled in middle of the bridge, really leaving us worried what might happen next.

Thankfully, and obviously, we all made it out of there alright. We traveled back down the rock/dirt/muddy road to head to town where we finished up group pictures. The wedding day went smoothly and it was a wonderful ceremony. After the wedding concluded we had a little bit of time left for pictures and we decided that we would go back into town to finish  up with some pictures of just Jacob and Marisa. I love these moments, when it’s just us and the couple. We’re able to get some pretty amazing pictures capturing the love they have for each other. The reception hall, this was pretty surprising to me, it was at the same place as the hotel and coming off the interstate you wouldn’t think it’d be anything special. As we pulled into park, you could see the chandeliers through the windows, and I was blown away at the elegance of this place. For a small town reception hall, it was comparable to many around here, if not better, it was definitely a hidden gem. 🙂 The reception was great, the food was amazing (catered by Chappy’s), and the evening was just as perfect as the rest of the day. This was also our first Boothout job of the year, in which you can see the blog post here.

Congratulations Jacob and Marisa!!