Jacob+Marisa Boothout

Our photo booth has gone a whole new direction. Last year we introduced our photo booth and within a couple months it was already a hit. Coming into this year I wanted to do something different, even more different then what I was doing. I already started a booth that was outside the actual 4-wall booth, I have always felt those are kind of creepy anyway. Plus when you are surrounded by walls no one can see what you’re doing and part of the idea of a photo booth is that it becomes an event within the event. Everything we do digitally still remains the same, the night of or the next day following the wedding you will be able to view AND download your pictures from a gallery and all the guests have the rights to print the pictures. This way you can print something more than just a 4×6 with four tiny 1-inch pictures on it. Not only that, you can use them on Facebook and show off your crazy side in full resolution!

Jacob and Marisa’s wedding was our first wedding with our new “booth.” You’ll notice there’s no booth at all, there’s not even a backdrop. The backdrop is the reception hall, your guests, the lighting, the decor, everything, and best of all it’s shot on a fish eye lens creating this totally insane and epic picture for your guests to see and laugh about. This was a blast, I absolutely loved all the ideas and the pictures that people came up with and I can’t wait for more booths to come. 🙂