Jade & Matt // Shelbyville, IL Engagement Photography

I received an email the morning of the shoot from Matt saying that he hoped the weather would miss us, and I checked the weather (nervously) to find out there was a 30% chance of rain. Thankfully in Illinois 30% is the equivalent of 0%. 🙂 So I had no worries about the shoot, that was until I was making my way up to Lake Shelbyville in Shelbyville, IL and it started raining on me. Yikes! Thankfully, though, it was not raining in Shelbyville, and everything turned out perfect. The clouds provided some of the best lighting, and the greens and yellows of spring just popped! Absolutely loved the colors!

Jade and Matt were such a fun couple to work with. The thing I LOVE about engagement sessions is that it allows me to get to know the couple on a more personal level and vice versa. And of course by getting to know each other, when it comes time for the wedding day photography, we almost have more of a friendship rather than a “professional relationship”. Matt even went on to say how comfortable they felt during the shoot and it was just a great way to break the ice. Aside from why I love engagement shoots, as I was saying earlier, Jade and Matt were so much fun and just a really special couple. As they posed with each other the love they have for one another shines and of course this makes for GREAT pictures.

Cannot wait till the big day but until then, we’ll leave you with some pictures of their engagement session. 🙂