Jake // Windsor, IL Senior Photography

I love having the opportunity to do some crazy edits that I can’t typically do. What do I mean by this? Most times with senior girls it’s all about looking pretty and full of bright colors, of course don’t get me wrong we definitely do some grungy looking pictures, but you can’t do an entire shoot of that style of shoot with girls, I’m not so sure that would fly. 🙂 But guys on the other hand, it’s all about looking tough and cool, and I love being able incorporate this style into their pictures. And with Jake’s family running a concrete business, that just made it too easy to get the grungy look. And Jake was an awesome senior to work with, he was up for trying anything, as most guys that age are, especially when a camera is involved (see: Clayton). Aside from the grungy look we also had several great looking location especially thanks to the sun for casting some amazing oranges and reds. 🙂 Speaking of we also got some REALLY cool looking middle-of-the-road pictures with an awesome sunset behind him. I was definitely a fan of these pictures. Jake was an awesome senior to work with and it was definitely an enjoyable shoot!