Jay & Kelsey // Dieterich, IL Wedding Photography and Photo Booth

Wedding season has finally come to a close. It doesn’t mean that we are finished with weddings, not at all, but we finally get to a point where Saturdays are available, and to be honest; I don’t know what to do with available Saturdays! Most times I end up working because I’m so used to doing so. But as November came to a close and the Thanksgiving meals were consumed, we had the opportunity of photographing Jay and Kelsey’s wedding day. The day was a tad cold and pretty windy, but that didn’t matter, there were all about getting out and capturing some pretty amazing pictures… quickly, though. 🙂

Still fresh from working as a second shooter with a premiere photographer in St. Louis I had so many new ideas of how I would photograph Jay and Kelsey’s big day. New ideas of how to photograph details and set up the preparation pictures. It definitely helped that both of them had such awesome people in their wedding parties, but these definitely turned out to be some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken, at least of the preparation time. Other than the officiant not announcing to them that they can kiss each other (haha), the wedding went so smoothly and the church was absolutely beautiful!

After the wedding was over we made our way out to some land that they own with some pretty cool barns on it. On the drive out I was pretty bummed that there was a lot of cloud coverage because it sure made it dark outside. Keep in mind that it’s the end of November, the sun sets much sooner than usual. So a wedding that wraps up at 4:00 doesn’t provide much time for pictures. However, the cloud coverage ended up being one of my favorite things about the pictures, you’ll see below how cool it was. The texture was amazing and the sun peaking through just added a certain flare to the pictures, yes, the pun is intended. With such little time to capture some pictures, we didn’t waste any time at all, and the end result was fabulous.

The reception was held at the KC Hall in Teutopolis. This hall provides room for a very large guests list and while this works for those large weddings, it also makes it hard to decorate so much room. Jay and Kelsey went with a rustic them, which turned out amazing! And the decor inside that place gave the hall such a unique look and they really made it work. As Jay and Kelsey were announced into the reception hall they made their way in by riding a classic tandem bike. This was awesome! The smiles they had, and the reaction of the crowd around them, it was perfect! Perfect is exactly the word to not only describe the day, but to describe these two as a couple. I absolutely loved working with them and I’m so thrilled with the way their pictures turned out.

This was not only just a wedding for us, but this was our first photo booth wedding. Lately, I’ve been asked by a number of brides about a photo booth so I started looking into it. A lot of photo booths are still the old school box booth that you have to get into and can barely cram 4 people in there. You are then handed a tiny print with 4 tinier pictures printed on it. I wasn’t going to do this. I mean, I’m all about retro and bringing back old styles, but being in the days of social media and digital everything, I wondered to myself why are photo booths still printing off such old school prints? THE BOOTH by Steffen Harris was born. No prints, no tiny booth, no lo-res pictures. Our photo booth is all digital and it’s all about providing a space to fit 20 people in it if needed. It’s got all the props you are used to seeing with photo booths these days (which turned out to be hilarious!!), but the deal is, by the end of the night or at least the next day the pictures will be on a gallery to view and download from. And these aren’t tiny pictures we’re dealing with. They are hi-res and ready to be printed or made as a facebook profile picture. I came to the conclusion that people would much rather have a facebook (or other social media) picture to show off to everyone rather than some tiny print stuck on the refrigerator for maybe a couple of friends that come by to see it. Plus, with the pictures being online, these are pictures of how fun your wedding was the day after your wedding is over! How much fun is that?! To check out more of their gallery, you can head to their link here: