Jen + Dave // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

Fun little back story of how I met Jen. It was some time ago, I’m terrible with how quickly years go by, but I want to say it was probably 3-4 years ago now. We played on the same volleyball team for a rec league. And I remember even then, as we just met she had this personality that was so inviting to be able to talk to her like you’ve known her your whole life. We played volleyball that one season, and it wasn’t until a couple years later I would see her again, only this time with her fiancé to discuss their wedding!! I was SO thrilled that they would consider me to photograph their wedding and what a huge honor it was to be able to do so. Knowing Jen as much as I did, I knew after meeting Dave that these two were definitely perfect for each other. Their personalities, while slightly different are almost the same in their own aspect (if that makes any sense at all). Dave has a personality as well that when you talk with him, you almost feel like he’s not a stranger. And he’s the type you could easily carry on a conversation with him and have no awkward feelings because you feel like you know the guy.

Their engagement session was amazing and I knew their wedding would be even more amazing, and it was just that! The weather was fantastic, plus it was 2 days after my birthday, I love having what I call “birthday weddings.” HA So far in four years I’ve managed to book a wedding on or the week of my birthday, so it’s always pretty exciting. The wedding day was just perfect, the wedding itself went along so smoothly and without any hiccups, and after the wedding we made our way around Effingham and hit a number of spots to get pictures. One of those spots being a bar that Jen and Dave met in. I’ve had people ask for bar pictures before and most bars are obviously really dark, but a lot of times they see something on pinterest and think it’s a great idea to do on the fly. First of all, most of the pictures like that you see on pinterest are set up, lots of lighting, and lots of time to do so, chances are it’s a stylized shoot where they don’t have the stresses of the wedding day or the schedule of a wedding day. However, the little amount of light coming into the bar we were at and the neon signs created for some absolutely amazing images of the recreation of when they first met, except this time in their wedding wear. 🙂

The reception then took place at the Keller Convention Center, and I’ve said it before but receptions here run SO smoothly, I absolutely love it. If there are any kind of hiccups or setbacks that may occur maybe with the DJ or maybe the scheduling, whatever, they are on top of things to be sure your reception happens flawlessly and smoothly. As a photographer, I greatly appreciate this because it ensures that I’m able to capture everything without anything disrupting our schedule. And of course the reception was fantastic. Capturing the events of the night and hearing about and seeing the love Dave and Jen have for each other was absolutely amazing!! I can’t wait for them to see their pictures, nor can I wait for you all to see the teasers below. Congrats Dave and Jen!!


Jen wanted to do a grand reveal to her dad – it was an incredibly special moment!! 🙂 Moments like this grow my love for photography that much more!910111213141516171819202122

So the church was obviously having some construction work done – it only made sense that we set up a scene. 🙂