Jen & Josh // Champaign, IL Engagement Photography

Going into this session, I knew it would be amazing, but I had no idea it could get better than amazing! 🙂 This was my first time actually meeting with Jen and Josh. Because of the distance we never got a chance meet, but they knew they wanted fall pictures so I would be up there shortly anyway to do the pictures. What an awesome couple Jen and Josh are. As we talked for a bit and got ready for the session they were so kind and warm and I knew these two would be one amazing (am I using the word amazing too much?) couple to photograph. The day was perfect. Deep blue sky, somewhat cool, and a brand new area for me. I’ve not shot in the Champaign area before this, and I absolutely love having the opportunity to photograph a new location. So we walked all over, photographed at SO many locations I think I lost count 30 minutes into it. Then two hours and over 700 pictures later we decided that we had more than enough to work with. 🙂 The champaign area was an awesome place to photograph. With the parks and the old buildings, it was perfect. And again, Jen and Josh were so much fun to work with. We tried some new things. Ventured into places that may not look great to look at, but in a picture, that “ugly” mess provided a beautiful backdrop for them. So of course, I’m more than excited for their wedding, and look forward to capturing Jen and Josh’s big day.