Jennifer & Brian // Effingham, IL Wedding Videography

We were so fortunate to find Jennifer and Brian to shoot our first wedding video. And of course so thankful to Anatime Entertainment for introducing us to Jennifer and Brian. As most of you might know from Facebook or from my blog, we are starting to introduce wedding videos to our lineup this year. Of course, I know most people would want to see what we are capable of before they book us, and we needed a wedding to shoot quickly! The timing was perfect when we were introduced to Jennifer and Brian, their wedding was taking place February 11 and that gave us plenty of time to shoot and edit a video to show off before wedding season kicked off.

So here we are a couple weeks later and we have our first teaser of what we can produce! Another thing I love about Jennifer and Brian’s wedding video is that no matter how large or small your wedding might be – or even how the weather might be outside (it was COLD and windy the day of the wedding!), you can still have some amazing footage from your big day. We had a lot of fun testing out some new equipment and working on some new angles and we are very much looking forward to this year and working with some amazing couples!! We’ve already had a couple weddings for this year book video for their weddings – very excited for that.

I won’t keep you waiting though, without further ado, I present our very first wedding video teaser: