John & Traci // Altamont, IL Wedding Photography

Every once in a while there are wedding days that do more than provide an incredible time of capturing wonderful memories, but they also grow your faith in God. Traci and John’s wedding was one of those days. Hurricane Isaac had made it’s way up onto the mainland and the rains entered Illinois the day before, and man did it rain! I didn’t look at stats or anything but from the talk around town I think we got nearly 4+ inches of rain on Friday. Saturday had a 100% chance of rain, this of course is never a pleasant thing to see coming into a wedding day. Before and during the wedding it was actually mostly clear skies, so needless to say we were pretty excited. When Traci and John walked out from the ceremony, the rain clouds were nearing and the radar placed them right over Altamont. After the family formals wrapped up, we jetted outside, only to find out it was pouring down like I’ve never seen before. To give you an idea, I had about a 20 foot distance between my car and the door to exit the church, sprinting outside and getting into my car was enough time to leave my shirt completely wet and my pants looked like I had just jumped into a pool, no exaggeration. Obviously pictures in Altamont were not going to happen because an umbrella wouldn’t even help keep you dry in that rain.

We decided to drive to Effingham where the reception was located and just hope and pray that the rain hadn’t hit there yet. Running in the rain to my car was one thing, driving in it was a whole different story. Driving 30 mph was almost too fast for the windshield wipers to keep up! However, and this is where the growth in faith came in, we arrived to the Tuscan Hills Winery and Harley Barn in Effingham to do some outdoor pictures and I don’t think it had even rained there all day! And the timing could not have worked out any better. Once we completed the outdoor pictures and arrived to the reception hall, the rain started coming down just as hard as it did in Altamont. I literally could not be anymore thankful for the time we had to get some fun outdoor pictures, and that Traci and John were able to have the time for those pictures.

Overall, the wedding day was a huge success. The ceremony was wonderful and the reception was so much fun. It’s weddings like Traci and Johns that will provide so many memories of even the small things, and I’m so incredibly honored that they chose us to photograph all of those special moments! Congratulations John and Traci!!