Josh + Jenny // Pana, IL Wedding Photography

Let me preface this blog by mentioning that the past 2 months have been close to if not record breaking months as far as temperatures are concerned. On top of temps in the 100s we’ve also seen very little or no rain. Jump to the week of Josh and Jenny’s wedding. We finally receive a good portion of rain, enough that the grass is starting to turn green again. With that rain came cooler temperatures and the high for their wedding was around 85 degrees, with a breeze that was actually cool… not scorching hot like the past couple months.

Needless to say, these two planned just about the perfect day, and who knew it would be so nice outside in the middle of August? Apparently Josh and Jenny did when they were planning their wedding last year. 🙂 I was reminded of just how awesome these two were when I started thinking back to the first time I talked with Jenny through email. Sometimes I can pick up on that vibe that couples will be more than awesome to work with and I totally picked this up in Jenny’s first response to me. Then working their engagement session, that just sealed the deal. These two have such a bubbly attitude and such a great personality that invites others to share laughter with them. And that’s pretty much what this entire day was. If you’ve ever been a part of a wedding, you know things don’t always go exactly as planned, and there were a few things that were out of place at their wedding, but with the personalities these two have, it was not a big deal. They just laughed about it and looked at each other lovingly, like they were all day.

We started out the day with Josh and Jenny meeting at the corner of the church. They wanted what I’m calling a “Not First Look.” They did not see each other, but they stood on each side of the corner and held hands. This was such a special moment and such an emotional moment. The anticipation was killing them and they couldn’t stand it, but, they stayed strong and did not cheat a look in. This emotion definitely kept going as Jenny made her way down the aisle. The way these two looked at each other, the way they smiled at each other, and just everything about them, you could see how in love they were, and I can’t say enough how much fun they were to work with. On top of that, they had one amazing bridal party. This group definitely ranks up there with the most enjoyable groups I’ve worked with. Willing to try anything no matter how silly it might be… actually with this group the sillier it was the more involved they were. HA! And this was such a breath of fresh air because it’s definitely easy to have individuals or groups that are “too cool” to do a pose and when you have of guys doing a silly pose with their hands on each others hips, you know you have a great group.

I had a tremendous time working with Josh and Jenny, and I wish you two nothing but the best for your future together!! Congratulations J+J!!

 Loved this moment!!

Nothing like making the guys jealous.