Karla & Caleb // Pana, IL Engagement Pictures

Just like many spring shoots, we go on a run of reschedules because of the weather. I like to wait until it’s perfect out to shoot. For example, one of the days we reschedule with Karla and Caleb, we did so because wind gusts were in the 25-30 mph range. If we were in the city, sure this wouldn’t be an issue as we’d find buildings on the opposite side of the wind to work with, but in the country, wind can be a different story. For me, not so much, the wind doesn’t affect my bald head too much, but I knew that Karla wouldn’t want a set of pictures with her hair all over the place. And then two other times we were drenched with rain so we had to reschedule again and finally on the fourth attempt we had more than perfect weather (yes, it’s possible to be more than perfect). It was warm enough that you weren’t cold, but cool enough that you weren’t sweating, the sky was clear and the wind was minimal. And the lighting we had that night was equally as perfect. A soft golden glow and a deep blue sky made for some amazing pictures.

Remember I said wind would be an issue in the country, not only is it an issue in the country and Karla and Caleb shoot took place on a golf course, so we would of really had problems if there was a lot of wind. This was also my first shoot to carry my equipment around on a golf cart, which was definitely pretty nice that I didn’t have to carry it all over. As I was driving the course to our next location, I couldn’t help but think of all the vehicles I’ve been in during past shoots; from the scoop of a tractor, a gator, four-wheeler, truck bed – it definitely makes for an interesting shoot when some form of transportation is needed for a picture or location.

Karla and Caleb were amazing to work with as well, so this just added to the perfect day for an engagement shoot. I had such a blast working with them and getting to know them, I know that their wedding is going to be just as much fun as their engagement shoot, and I can’t wait for the big day to come!