Katie // Effingham, IL Senior Pictures

Even though the temperature outside wasn’t too bad, the wind made it awfully cold out. I was actually pretty excited at the thought that we might get a full shoot in, but after standing outside for 30 minutes, I knew that this wouldn’t be a full shoot. It was a wind that wasn’t just cold, but it literally felt like ice was hitting you. However, that didn’t bother Katie at all, she rocked the shoot like you wouldn’t believe even wearing a short sleeve shirt!! Insane! With that kind of mentality, I know she’ll be great as another one of our ambassadors and I look forward to our full shoot, if she can do this awesome in weather that is extremely cold, I know she’ll be awesome when it’s 70 (or 100, just depends how Illinois is feeling that day. HA).

It was also kind of funny because we did the pictures at the high school, and track practice was going one. As we walked by some of the track athletes, I would hear, “You’re doing your pictures already?” Granted these aren’t the “official” senior pictures, these are just promo pictures for the ambassadors, but I couldn’t help but think to myself, you better believe we’re doing pictures already. This is another reason I love our ambassadors, because even they are ready to do the pictures even in the cold. I’ve seen many photographers complaining about the cold and wishing it was spring already so they could do shoots, welcome to Illinois. It’s going to feel like winter for another month or more, and I don’t want to sit around hoping for warmer weather, we are going to attack the session no matter what and so far our ambassadors have done great!!