Kaytlin // Altamont, IL Senior Photographer

Was February not the best month as far as a winter month is concerned?! While Kaytlin’s session was a tad cooler, I wasn’t going to complain. Late February and in the 50s… WOW! Kaytlin is another one of our ambassadors and I look forward to working with her more. She was an awesome senior model and willing to go in locations that may have not looked the best. I noticed in one location we had old mattresses and microwaves, and a bunch of other random household items that were trashed. I’ll tell you what, though, those are some of my favorite pictures. Sure old nasty buildings falling down and trashy corners make a town look pretty nasty, but man do they make for some fun pictures! 🙂 My senior ambassador program is called the Street Team, so all my sessions will have a more urban feel to them to go with the name of the ambassador program!! Soon we’ll have promotional going up online and through the mail! 🙂 As a rep in Altamont, I know Kaytlin will rock the ambassador program just like she did during her session. She was a blast to work with and I definitely look forward to our next session – when mother nature decides it’s time to turn the colors from brown to green. 🙂