Kaytlin // Altamont, IL Senior Photography

Session number two for Kaytlin, and you couldn’t ask for a better day, especially with the effects of the recent hurricane making it’s way up here. Something about dual sessions with seniors are so fun. I guess in a way, it’s kind of like a wedding. When I meet with a couple they have an opportunity to get to know me a bit, and then we do the engagement session and any nerves they might have whether it’s standing in front of a camera or working with someone they don’t know too well, seem to work out and by the wedding day it’s almost like we are good friends and working with me is a breeze for them. In the same way, dual session seniors have that same experience. By the time their second session rolls around they know what to expect and it’s almost like I don’t even have to say anything, I just pick out a spot to do pictures and before I even find my placement where to take the picture from they are already on their third pose. 🙂

This was definitely the case with Kaytlin. As one of my ambassadors, her first shoot with me was during her junior year back in March. And what’s fun to see is just how much confidence my ambassadors seem to have during their second shoot. I’m sure it’s because they are the top dog at school now and nothing can get in their way. But as a photographer, it’s definitely a fun experience to have such an awesome opportunity to capture this growth because that’s what senior year is all about. It’s kind of like the last step before going off into the real world. So it’s obviously important to have these pictures capture how much fun this time is in a senior’s life. And with Kaytlin, I’d say we definitely got some pretty fun pictures. We even tried some new things and she was all about trying something new, even if it didn’t turn out, I think this is the number one reason I love senior sessions. I’m so glad I’m not a photographer back in the 1990s, although some photographers seem to think it’s still the 90s and the foam graduation year and bulky props, and location style backdrops are still the “in” thing… heres the deal, if you want pictures in a warehouse were not going to pose you in front of a picture of a warehouse, we’ll go to an actual warehouse to get those pictures. 🙂 I think the latter sounds much more fun. And this is the thing I love with seniors today, they want pictures that are going to capture their individuality and they want pictures that will 1. One up their friends pictures, and 2. look more unique than their friends’ pictures. I’ve never had a senior come to me and say, I had a friend who got pictures at _____ location and I want my pictures in that same exact spot. Usually it’s the complete opposite.

Kaytlin wanted pictures at a family member’s house who had a long rock lane that was on a pretty steep hill as well as some pretty awesome landscaping. This rock lane looked so much like a country road, I LOVED it, and unlike a country road on a hill we didn’t have to worry about someone speeding over it with their car. We also had a pond to shoot at as well, and I know ponds are extremely typical, but this one had recently been drained, so the ground was dried up and cracked heavily… needless to say this excited me much! Overall it was a great session, and it was a lot of fun, and this is the mood I love flowing from the pictures and I think we definitely nailed it.


I think this one definitely has a fashion magazine look to it. The sun was actually setting and the lighting was extremely dark so the pictures came out look very raw just like a W magazine or some kind of CK or Gucci ad… so naturally, I’m a fan of it. 🙂