Kelsey + Dave // Altamont, IL Wedding Photography

Summer weddings seem to sneak up on you so quickly, especially after we do the engagement session! What should have felt like a few months felt more like a few days between Dave and Kelsey’s engagement session and wedding. Oh well, though, I won’t complain too much – I LOVE WEDDINGS!  Wedding days always bring their set of challenges, but one of my favorite challenges (and yes it is one) is being ahead of schedule. It’s my favorite for obvious reasons because we have so much more time than originally planned. However, it can become a challenge, because let’s face it, most couples aren’t planning and working around weddings as often as I am, so when we are ahead of schedule it’s normal to think there is something wrong, of course I can’t help but let this thought cross my mind as well, like maybe I forgot something, but all is good. 🙂 We were simply moving ahead of schedule. The great thing about being ahead of schedule, especially before the ceremony is the couple has a lot more time to chill, and I LOVE this. Not so much the groom, but most brides are go-go-go from early morning until the ceremony, so when I can do whatever I can to allow for even a 30 minute break with nothing happening, this can do wonders for stress levels. Dave and Kelsey definitely got this break and some more minutes on top of that, plus this allows us to get many more detail pictures. I’ve had couples and have heard from other photographers who have had couples that simply don’t care about detail pictures, and it’s understandable, I mean if you think about it, why do you want 100 pictures of details? However, while it might not matter a month after the wedding or maybe even a year, chances are many of those details are gone a few years after your wedding and chances are you may forget what your flowers looked like, what kind of decor you used at the reception – at least I know I do. We do not have many detail pictures from our wedding, and it’s kind of a bummer because the details are the very thing you spend the most amount of time one, usually.

Enough about details though – I absolutely LOVED working with Dave and Kelsey. They were such a fun couple, and I know I’m repeating myself probably from the past few blogs, but having a groom that is into the pictures makes for such an amazing day, not only the groom but the wedding party too. I’ve had grooms in the past complain about pictures, wedding parties begging the couple to quit taking pictures so they could get to partying and all of this can add stress to the bride and/or couple and it makes for a miserable time for pictures. This was definitely not the case with Dave and Kelsey, Dave was all about the pictures, even putting in some of his own input for their pictures. And of course, Kelsey had a lot of her own ideas too, even bringing some props with them for the pictures. Now before I go on, don’t let this sound like I’m one of those photographers that needs the couple to give me the ideas, because it’s not that at all! HAHA But I AM one of those photographers that welcomes ideas. I love interaction with the couple, I also love it when the couple takes the time to come up with ideas or maybe they want to try something totally off the wall. One time we had a wedding party tower up on a piece of playground equipment, it’s still one of my favorite wedding party pictures. Dave and Kelsey and their wedding party decided to climb up and surround a tractor, it was so cool, at least I thought so.

This was my first wedding reception at the Carriage House in Altamont, this place if fantastic!! I took pictures there a couple months ago, more of just interior shots, but getting the full effect of what a reception could look like in there was amazing!! Everything about this place is so nice. from the tall ceilings to the massive floor plan and even the grand staircase to make for quite an elegant entrance.