Kelsey & Jay // Dieterich, IL Engagement Photography

What a perfect evening for pictures and perfect timing for Kelsey and Jay’s pictures. One location that they really wanted to get no matter what was in a wheat field. However, it’s harvest season for wheat and they simply could not wait any longer to start. As we arrived to the field the combine was already going, but we were fortunate enough to have some larger sections of wheat to get some amazing pictures of Kelsey and Jay together. After this, we spent the rest of the evening hitting up some different spots around Jay’s family farm and finding some beautiful locations along the way.

This year I’ve really been challenging myself to change up my pictures. In the past I would use off camera lighting to create these large light flares in the background, and don’t get me wrong, I do love these pictures and on occasion I still do them, but it seems like everyone is doing that style of picture anymore and if you want to continue in the business of photography you need to challenge yourself nearly every day to try something new. So I’ve  done nearly a 180 in my style of photography from the harsh, trendy style of lighting to a softer, dreamy look. And I’ve got to say, I LOVE these pictures, and the best part is – I don’t have to use any off camera lighting behind the couple to accomplish this look, there’s a pretty large light source in the sky that does all that for me. And when Kelsey and Jay had an old glider chair put out into a pasture I knew that this would be the perfect setup for a this style of picture.

As the session came to a close we went to one more location. Kelsey was unsure of this barn as it had been taken over by man plants that were over grown and feared it may not work for the pictures, but this is exactly the style of barn I want for pictures. 🙂 The dirtier and more overgrown it is… the better. And honestly, I think these last few pictures were some of my favorites. Kelsey and Jay were so amazing and willing to go try so many different locations and it just made for a great session.