Ian // Altamont 1 Year Photographer

It continues to amaze me just how quickly babies change!! I think the fact that I get to see them change every 3 months is the sole reason I love photographing them. 🙂 It’s so precious to see them go from the sleeping quiet baby to the all over one-year old!  And Ian was just that. We explored all through the studio and all through the park and let me tell you, I think I was more worn out following him around than I am at a wedding!! I guess you could say I’m out of shape when it comes to kid photography. HA

And working with Stephanie and Justin have been so great too. In fact I believe Ian was either my first or second baby to ever photograph, so the fact that Stephanie and Justin allowed me to break the ice into baby photography is just awesome, and I couldn’t be any more thankful for them. Watching Ian grow up has been a blast to capture.