Kids: Olivia (and her friend Mary)

Olivia is my second cousin, and when my cousin’s wife called me up and asked about getting pictures of Olivia for Christmas, I was more than up for the task! Olivia is just like any other young girl, full of life, and REALLY goofy. Then I find out she has her friend Mary there as well, so I knew it would be an interesting night to say the least! My original thought was I could get pictures done in 30 minutes and have more than enough pictures to work with, but an hour into it, the girls were in their third change of clothes and showing no signs of wanting to quit. An hour and a half went by and we were finally finished. And the pictures were just hilarious. Getting these two girls together for pictures was so much fun. If you know me by now, you know I can’t stand studio pictures. I can’t stand the sitting down in a chair and giving a cheesy fake smile. That’s not a photograph. A photograph should tell a story or show emotion, and there is definitely plenty of story telling and emotion in Olivia and Mary’s pictures! 🙂 I can still hear Mary saying, “We’ve got to do my purple dress, I need these for my newsletters.” I cracked up at this! And Olivia caught up in the goofiness, taking her shoe off and licking the bottom of it… I’m still laughing thinking of that night.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but when I’m asked what my favorite kind of session to do is, it’s always whatever my previous session I have shot. I LOVE shooting weddings, Senior photography is a blast and families are so unique, but there is something about have kids together in a picture that’s just indescribable. Because kids never seem to sit still or stay focused long enough for one shot, and I love that so much. So at this very moment, what is my favorite kind of session to do? Kids!