Kimberly & John // Chicago, IL Engagement Photography

When I met with Kimberly to talk about her wedding, I was thrilled about the location they would be getting married at and thought that it would be PERFECT for engagement pictures as well. I know, I know, I usually suggest to not have your engagement pictures where your wedding will be done at because they’ll look almost similar just one has a wedding dress in it, but this was different. The Morton Arboretum was the place and wow, was this place massive! Just like a big city, you could literally shoot 360 degrees and have pictures that look totally different from the other. Ever path, road and bend took you to a place that was even better than the last. I could talk about it all day, but no matter what I say, I’ll never be able to fully describe just how massive the Morton Arboretum is. Especially for it’s location, you would never imagine to find a park of this magnitude near a big city (unless you are in New York City). It’s also a pretty cool foundation they have going, it’s all about educating people about the different types of landscapes and plant life that is out there, even how to care for it, and of course allowing you to simply enjoy nature to it’s fullest. It was definitely a pretty impressive place.

Last time I had met with Kimberly, John was deployed and was unable to meet him, but this had no effect on our first meeting being the engagement session. These two were great to work with and naturally created moments that definitely expressed the love they have for each other. All of my engagement sessions at some point I encourage the couple just act like I’m not there and to just be natural, like they were on a date. Of course it’s hard to pretend this especially when I’m three feet away from you snapping pictures, but Kimberly and John nailed it! Almost every picture is different from the last and the moment is so true. I absolutely love capturing these candid moments of love, and when you can capture that in their eyes… even better. 🙂 Of course, I definitely look forward to photographing their wedding at the same place, but a totally different location, that’s the great thing about the Morton Arboretum – you can spend 2 hours on an engagement session and hardly even begin to see what it has to offer.