Kirsten // Shelbyville, IL Senior Pictures

I LOVE sessions that take place in Shelbyville. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this many times before, but whatever – it’s that awesome. Many small towns in this are offer great picture opportunities. Sadly it’s because many small towns are failing or don’t have much for finances so buildings wear down over time, metal rusts, etc. For these towns and businesses, it’s definitely not a good thing to see because if you look hard enough you can see that there was a time that these buildings, these businesses, were hoppin’ and now they are nothing. However, from a photgoraphy perspective, I love, rust, old rotten buildings, smashed windows, etc. These all make for great pictures. What I was getting at though, while many small towns offer these kinds of backdrops, they don’t not offer a lot. For example, Altamont has maybe 2 or 3 block long streets that offer this. I’m sure you know by now, I do not like shooting at the same places over and over. Plus, one of these streets in Altamont is right across from a bar, and that always makes for some awkward feelings with seniors. Shelbyville, though, this is a different type of town. There are areas with the rotting buildings, rusted metal and such, but this town also takes pride in keeping their buildings clean even when they are out of commission. So windows, doors, garages, etc are all painted, but not painted to blend in with the building, the colors are absolutely fantastic. One building had a teal colored garage which we happened to stumble upon it, it was kind of hidden from the view of the road. Another building had bright orange doors and windows. These were two of the locations we shot at, but all throughout Shelbyville, you’ll find these hidden treasures that provide for great pictures.

At the teal colored garage, again remember we stumbled upon this, we were shooting on the other side of the corner from this door. But on our way to this location we happened to park right by this garage and Kirsten just happened to wear a teal colored shirt that seemed to go well with the backdrop the door provided. Sometimes a little luck makes for some great pictures, it was totally by chances that we came across this spot. It was almost funny though because I scouted some locations before the shoot so Kirsten didn’t know where we were going, but her outfits seemed to fit perfectly at each location we stopped at. This was just one factor that made this such an awesome senior session. After Shelbyville, we hurried back to the family farm where she wanted some pictures there. I say “hurried” because we literally had about 40 minutes of daylight left and about a 30 minute drive. Luckily we had just enough light to get some pictures on the farm before we headed to the school to get some volleyball pictures. I LOVE photographing in gyms. My passion for photography started when I was in high school and my dream was to shoot professional sports events, and while these are posed pictures, just being in the environment is awesome. Kirsten was fantastic to work with, as well. There are some seniors I get to work with that seem to know what I’m thinking before I even tell them what pose to do, and Kirsten was one of those seniors. Overall it was a fun session, and I’m a huge fan of the way the pictures turned out!!