Kirstie & Brant // Maternity Pictures

It seems like just a couple years ago I was doing my sister’s engagement pictures with my brother in law… well, now that I think about it, I guess it was just a couple years ago!! And hear we are just a short time later and we are about welcome a new addition to the family. So naturally it makes sense seeing that I’m the photographer in the family, I do the maternity pictures, right? 🙂 With the fall season upon us, it’s a wonderful time for pictures, and everyone loves to have pictures during this time, so my schedule becomes very packed through october and part of november and the unfortunate thing with fall pictures in Illinois is a little rain can ruin a session and we find ourselves without any other days to reschedule. There was a heavy chance of rain the night we were going to the do the session, and thankfully the rain and even the dark clouds held off enough to allow us to capture some pretty amazing pictures.

I’ve been looking forward to maternity pictures for quite a while now. Maternity and even baby pictures is something we’ve not done a whole lot of, so when I found out Kirstie was pregnant, I figured this would be as good of time as any to kind of start the business of maternity and baby. And maybe this is why I don’t book much here, but I lean a different way than most when it comes to maternity and baby pictures. First, with maternity pictures, sure seeing the belly can be nice and all, but seriously, who hangs these pictures up? Maybe this is just me, but naked pictures of the couple covering their business for maternity pictures is something I would prefer to never have for myself, and never take a picture of. I mean, how do you talk about a picture like this with your friends and family. The baby pictures are just the same, there are some really cute pictures of babies with 12 different suitcases in the picture and props of this nature, but again maybe this is just me, when I have a baby to show off in pictures, I want to show of the baby, not a bunch of props and if you look really hard you’ll see the baby.

So when it came to maternity pictures, Kirstie had the same mindset, make sense right? Seeing that we are of the same family. haha Maternity pictures are all about celebrating this time together and having fun with them and unlike the naked pictures some photographers do, these will be pictures Kirstie and Brant love to show off to friends and family and not feel uncomfortable about it. It was definitely a lot of fun though, and I’m so glad the rain held off. Plus, since we were at their house, we were able to get some full family pictures which as you can see, one pet was happy to do pictures, the other… not so much. Just like any other family picture!

When Kirstie and Brant said football jerseys one part of the family thought they were meaning football in the European sense. 🙂 Good dog.