Kortland // Baby Pictures

He’s back at it again and this time he’s all smiles!! My nephew helped end our time in our previous studio by having our last shoot inside there. We are now moved into our new place… or rather I should say, we are still moving into the new place. haha Anyway, Kortland is such a joy, and of course, being my nephew I thoroughly enjoyed photographing him especially since he was in the best mood ever!! All smiles and laughter, it was such a fun time. And because he was all smiles, we decided to do some funny shots of Kirstie, Brant and Kortland, I guess we could call it the Kortland smile. 🙂 Kirstie and Brant’s smile remind me of some old school portrait studio of a family, super cheesy, but super funny. I promise you, I’m not going the old school portrait studio route, but come on… it’s a fun picture. And coincidentally, I didn’t plan this, but this post lands on the 3rd anniversary of Kirstie and Brant getting married. I would like to say I timed it like that, so we’ll stick with that. Happy Anniversary K+B!!