Kortland // Christmas Pictures

I’ve said it before, but the thing I love about kid photography is letting the kids just be kids and photograph them in their natural state. No cheesy poses, no pinterest/child model/impossible set ups for pictures (you know the kind I’m talking about if you’ve spent just 5 minutes on pinterest) – just fun pictures of a kid being a kid. And that’s exactly what we did with Kortland. Sure we set up some props, and of course it was a little easier since it was my sister and bro-in-law’s house, but still – the idea behind the pictures remains the same. It’s a real setting with real emotions. Don’t get me wrong, even though it’s pretty old school, I’m still a fan of the white backdrop pictures, I think done right they look great, but I’m also a fun of just setting up your own home into a great scene so that you are not only comfortable for pictures being in your own home, but you also get a backdrop that shows what you and your family AND your home looked like at this point in time.

I love taking pictures of Kortland, he’s full of laughter and it’s so easy to make him smile, and he LOVES to show off those little teeth. Of course, this time of year is just fantastic too. Christmas, lights, trees, decorations, reds/greens. I love it all and adding photography and a baby in the mix – even better. We had a lot of fun with these pictures and I think it’s definitely evident in Kortland’s reactions. I think it’s obvious he’s excited for Santa to make an appearance. 🙂

kortland1-8825kortland1-8839kortland1-8870kortland1-8878 copykortland1-8913kortland1-8932