Kortland // Easter Pictures

You can probably plan on seeing quite a bit of Kortland as he grows up since he’s my nephew. 🙂 Until he gets to that age where he’s too cool to have his picture taken, I’ll probably be doing quite a bit, especially now since he’s a baby. We wanted to get a few pictures of him to celebrate easter and show how excited he is for the easter bunny to arrive. haha In one of the pictures he’s wide-eyed and so excited as if the easter bunny actually did come into the shoot. Don’t worry, I’m not that cheesy of a kid photographer to bring someone in wearing an easter bunny outfit. I’m pretty sure that’s about the creepiest thing EVER! It was a mini session indeed and I plan on doing more of these, maybe not so much for easter, but mini sessions down the road, so be ready for them. For Kortland, it was perfect timing for an Easter shoot because he’s only a couple months old and at that age, they are awake, but not able to do much, so what better than to do a shoot of him just chillin’ out in the studio?