Kory & Kristen // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography + Video

Wow! Is it really September already?!! I cannot believe how quickly time flies by. It seems like just yesterday Kristen, Kory and I were walking around Busch Stadium capturing some pretty amazing pictures there and next thing you know you blink and you find yourself at their wedding! The day couldn’t be anymore perfect – yes I mean the weather with it’s high of 72 degrees and partly cloudy – but I also mean because it was our first photo+video job. Being able to combine photo and video has been something I have been wanting to offer for some time now, however I am only one person and cannot do it myself. I needed someone who had the same passion, desire and vision I did for video, and a great friend of mine, Robby, shared that vision so we hit the ground running and I think we make a pretty awesome team. If you know much about Photography and Videography meshing at a wedding you know it that it’s a lot of butting heads, both people are fighting for “the shot” and it’s often times not a very happy time. There are great photographers and videographers out there that work great with others, but most of the time it’s not so glorious. So it only makes sense to go in as a team and work the wedding together, as a team, and it worked great!

Kristen and Kory were so much fun to work with. The love they have for each other is very evident and was so enjoyable to watch unfold. The other great thing about working as a team is we get to not only share ideas, but we share our feelings and the number one thing we all saw from the day was that these two have such a unique love for each other, it’s just amazing!! Of course couples on their wedding day have a certain glow about them, but when Kristen and Kory looked into each other eyes and smiled, you knew there was something special with them. It’s unexplainable, but I’m sure you catch my drift. Something that proved this love even more was the letters they had written to one another. Doing video we wanted to be sure to have them read a love letter to each other, this was such a special moment and for those who were able to hear them speaking it literally brought a tear to they’re eyes.

It was such a great day working with these two, and I’m so incredibly honored and thankful that Kristen and Kory allowed us to be a part of their day and capture their still moments as well as the moving moments, both of which will provide a lifetime of great memories. Congrats again you two!