Kristen & Kory // Busch Stadium Engagement Photography

What a day – the weather could not be anymore perfect that it was today. After have a couple weeks of mid-80s and humid, we finally got a break and when we started our shoot at Busch Stadium the temperature was 60 degrees and a slight breeze! It was amazing. We started our day off pretty early since it’s about a 1.5 hour drive to St. Louis if traffic is moving, plus just in case it was warm I wanted to start the shoot at 9:00 so we could catch the cooler part of the day. If any of you have ever been to a baseball game when it’s hot, you know how miserable it can get with all that concrete reflecting the heat back up. This was my second time walking the halls to the field of Busch Stadium, and it was again just as cool as it was the first time. A little better for me, personally, since all those first time jitters were gone, but still just as exciting. The thing I love about shoots at Busch Stadium or similar places is even if you don’t like baseball, the Cardinals or whatever kind of sport or team’s venue we are at, it’s still a unique session that doesn’t happen all the time – and I LOVE unique. 🙂 Especially for couples around this area, not many others will have such an amazing set of engagement pictures to hang on their walls.

After an amazing shoot at Busch, we finished of Kristen and Kory’s engagement shoot back at the Effingham Country Club. Again, this was a first-time for me as I’ve not been out to the Country Club before, and as we drove around in our golf cart to the different locations, the photo opportunities were endless! And there was such a variety, from a stone waterfall, to smooth cut grass, a lone path through the trees, and praire type grass even. On top of this, Kristen and Kory were SO much fun to work with. You can tell a huge difference in couples where pictures matter just some and pictures matter more than almost the wedding itself. I don’t want to speak for Kristen, but I was kind of getting the feeling that she was the latter of those two personalities, and I LOVE it! I was also a huge fan of shooting at the country club, something about being in the environment of golf seemed to put a relaxing vibe in the air (although, I know for some of you, golf is probably far from relaxing. Don’t worry I’m right there with ya!), and if any of you know anything of photography, it definitely helps to have a relaxed couple to photograph. I can’t say enough of these two though, working with them at Busch, riding around in the golf cart and chatting it up pretty much all day, Kristen and Kory are definitely a unique and fun couple and I can’t wait to photograph their big day.