Kristina & Cory // Mattoon, IL Wedding Photographer

WOW! What a day. Coming into today I was a bit nervous, there was a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms to start at 3:00 – right when the wedding ceremony would be wrapping up. And I thought to myself, should I suggest to the couple that they should see each other before the ceremony so we can go outdoors for some fun pictures? Needless to say, I did not suggest it. I would never push that on anyone who wants to wait… but the thought did cross my mind. I just had faith that everything would turn out all right and thank God the weather worked perfectly for us. So much so, that my last picture I took was followed by a clap of thunder, talk about perfect timing! I was also looking forward to this day because Cory and Kristina’s wedding kicked of my wedding season. However this would not be the only first for me.

Not only was this my first wedding of this year but I also had these firsts to follow:

-First wedding that the father requested a picture with me and the bride
-First wedding that some pictures were taken in the ICU. A family member of Kristina’s was unfortunately not able to make it, so we paid her a visit to give her flowers and snap a picture. It was such a sweet moment.
-First wedding the couple wanted to leave the reception for a few minutes for pictures. I’ll never take a couple away for pictures at a reception for my use, but request it from me, and you better believe I’ll be up for it.
-First wedding that I had to jump a locked fence with the groomsmen to get a certain picture 🙂
-It was also the first wedding that I was asked to dance. However, my camera is the only dancing partner I have on wedding days. 😀

Cory and Kristina and their bridal party and even their families were such a blast to work with. I literally could not ask for a better wedding to kick off the year. These two are an amazing couple and so caring and genuine not just to each other but with everyone they come in contact with. Their wedding party – all I can say is wow! They were such a great group to work with. I love it when the wedding party (groomsmen too) are participating with ideas and such. I know some people look down on photographers who use ideas from the wedding party, but those people have clearly never worked many weddings. All I can say is, I don’t care what idea the groomsmen come up with, the fact that they are interacting and having fun with the pictures, I love it. And of course, it was St. Patty’s day so I’m sure you can guess how the evening went down. It was definitely a wild night for sure and made for some pretty fun… and interesting pictures. Overall, though, it was a great way to spend a holiday. I had such a great time working with Cory and Kristina, and I wish them nothing but the best in their future together. Congratulations again you two!!

Something about this makes me smile. As Cory started to let Kristina down these two jumped in and said to hold the pose as it was too late.