Lara & Patrick // St. Louis, MO Engagement Photography

I know I’ve said it many times now, but I absolutely love sessions that take place in the city. It’s so much fun because everywhere you look is a photo opportunity and it’s one that looks so unique from the last. I know, I know, can’t everywhere be that way, even if it’s in the small town? Of course it is, but come on, let’s be real, cities make it easy for you. 🙂 And add that to a couple that looks good together and you’ve got one amazing session. I feel so fortunate to be a part of Lara and Patrick’s big day and that they booked me as their wedding photographer even though I’m 90 miles away from them! It definitely means the world that they would value my work that much to do so. And couples like these two make this job so enjoyable.

For their engagement pictures they wanted them in St. Louis and we started off in a small park about a mile or two away from the city, and wow, you wouldn’t even know we were in St. Louis. In fact this part of the city reminding me of many of the small towns around… except business were actually present in the buildings and the park was very well maintained. As Lara called it, it was a s hidden gem of the city. And that is definitely true! After a short time shooting in the Lafayette Square Park, we made a short pit stop at the Park Avenue Coffee shop to do a quick outfit change and grab something to drink, and all I can say is if you ever have a chance to go here, DO! If you thought Starbucks was good, think again. 🙂 That’s all I can say.

We headed to the arch landing next where we shot some pictures at the arch (of course) and surprisingly when we showed up, there were literally no visitors on the stairs! So it makes my job even easier that I don’t have to photoshop any people out of the pictures. At the same time it was kind of surprising that no one was there. When we drove by there were literally two or three wedding parties having pictures taken. I love the arch landing area because we just take that time to explore the city some and try some new locations and get a view of the city. On top of that, these types of shoots, because they are lengthier, allow me to get to know the couple on more of a friendship level and when the wedding comes around we’ll feel like a couple of friends working together… and I LOVE this about my job! Congratulations again to Lara and Patrick!