Lee + Sara // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

I already knew coming into today that this would be one amazing wedding. Then when I stepped outside to feel it was in the mid-70s with a light breeze, I knew it would be even better. Lee and Sara had me come down to the University of Southern Indiana for their engagement pictures back in November, and what an awesome location for pictures and the fact that it was special to them (especially seeing that’s where they got engaged), I knew the pictures would be amazing. Then they surprised me with a cheer move for one of their pictures since both of them were cheerleaders. Scared to death, but loving the pictures, I didn’t think I could handle that again. Fast forward to their wedding day and Lee was asking Sara all day if he could hold her up for a picture, after enough times of asking Sara gave in and I find myself trembling (again) as I do the picture of them, but I must say – it was one awesome picture and I don’t know too many people that will have one quite like them.

They also wanted to do a first look set of pictures. I’m a huge fan of these because it provides a more intimate moment where the couple can be alone (plus me of course) and take the presence of each other in without hundreds of eyes locked in on them. Don’t get me wrong, I think seeing each other for the first time when the bride is coming down the aisle is a pretty special moment… but I definitely love first looks. 🙂 Lee couldn’t get enough of Sara and we were out there for quite a while as he tried to catch his breath at the sight of her. This moment, of course, was just a teaser of how the whole day would go down. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a couple quite as energetic as Sara and Lee. These two were not only excited to be sharing their big day with loved ones but their attitudes, personalities, and energy was amazing!! I had a hard time keeping up with them, I’m not going to lie, especially when the dancing at the reception started. Let’s be real, it seems like most guys are “too cool” to be out on the dance floor bustin’ a move, but not Lee (or his groomsmen for that matter), no, Lee was bustin’ a move like no other and poppin’ better than even the girls on the dance floor. HAHA

It’s this kind of personality, especially from a groom, that really makes the wedding day a notch above the norm, and it definitely brings with it an energy in the room that others feed off of. And if they weren’t feeding off the energy, Lee was making them feel the energy when he ran around the room physically getting people out of their seats and on to the dance floor. Sara, as well, was such a joy to work with. She was nothing but smiles from ear to ear (literally) the entire day. You could definitely feel the love these two have for each other and you could just feel it in the air as Sara and Lee would look at one another. I had SO much fun working with these two and I know that they will have one incredible life with one another and many many happy years! Congratulations Lee and Sara!!

Have you ever seen playground equipment look so cool? 🙂 I think I’m going to start a collection of photos called the playground collection and give them a Louis Vuitton ad style of look to them.

USI Cheer!