Lindsay & Troy // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

There’s hardly a better way to celebrate the new year than by getting married! And Troy and Lindsay did just that. I was definitely looking forward to photographing a NYE wedding because as a photographer I thought there wouldn’t be a better way to enter the new year than by photographing pictures. I mean, how cool that I get to end the year shooting and begin the year shooting. 🙂

It’s also so much fun photographing a wedding that has such a relaxed environment. Troy and Lindsay were so amazing and had such great personalities it literally felt like we were working with some close friends. As the wedding day began, the snow started to fall and this was exactly what they were hoping for and they nearly lost hope the week before the wedding because it was fairly warm for late december so they figured snow was not going to happen. Not only did it snow that week to put a nice layer on the ground, but the snow was coming down pretty good that it created a wonderful environment for their pictures. Everything from the first look to the wedding party pictures outside, it looked amazing!

This was also one of the toughest weekends we have ever had ourselves as far as photogrpahy is concerned. We flew out to Las Vegas for an engagement shoot and flew back on the 30th. As we were gone my sister had a baby, so we definitely wanted to get to the hospital to visit them and spend some time. In the meantime I had to get everything backed up to the hard drives and all the batteries charged to be ready for Troy and Lindsay’s wedding that next morning. By some miracle eveyrhting worked out great and before we knew it we were at the reception counting down the seconds to midnight. Most weddings will leave me very mentally drained. I’m not complaining at all about this, but working a solid 8-10 hours where we are walking/running around organizing the event, being sure everyone is doing okay, and setting up shots, it can definitely wear a person out. Imagine doing a maxed out workout for about 4 hours non-stop, this is pretty much what we are doing on the brain. And most weddings I come home and crash after backing everything up to the hard drives. After Troy and Lindsay’s though, because it was such a relaxed day, and probably because we had SO much time to work with, I felt like I had enough energy to shoot another wedding. 🙂

This was also our second wedding booth job, and I knew that this would be a perfect wedding for it! But I think the pictures do enough talking for themselves. You can check them out here:

It was so amazing having a chance to work with Troy and LIndsay and I’m so happy for both of them. They are such incredible people to work with and know, and their pictures turned out so amazing. Overall the day was a huge success and I’m so honored and thrilled that we were able to spend NYE with Troy and Lindsay and all of their incredibly fun guests!