Lucas // Newborn Pictures

I received a call and it was a couple I actually worked with last year and it looks like their one year anniversary present was a little addition to the family. Caleb and Michelle asked if I would take some newborn pictures of their baby Lucas. Newborns always amaze me no matter how many I see or am able to photograph. Just the size of them and how they can go from this calm sleepy baby to some of the loudest screams I have ever heard. But that’s what makes baby photography so much fun. It’s the challenge of capturing that moment when their cheeks flinch and it looks like they are smiling, or that moment that they  happen to stick out their tongue, whatever the case, it’s always a blast. And of course it was incredibly awesome to see a couple that I worked with last year and to be continuing work with them. It’s such an honor that they would come back to me, thank you Caleb and Michelle!! And congratulations on the little one. 🙂