Mandy & Jake // I Do Redo

Mandy and Jake’s wedding actually took place a year ago and they were definitely one of the most unique and enjoyable couple to work with. I still have so many memories from their wedding, and then one day I get an email from Mandy asking if it’s too crazy of an idea if she got back in her dress and Jake got back in a tux and they did pictures as a 1-year anniversary deal. Funny thing was, I was actually just starting some research on this type of session. It’s not a session that’s overly done, but it’s one that definitely isn’t “too crazy of an idea.” So the I Do Redo session was born. The idea behind this session is that it can be an anniversary deal, or maybe your photographer didn’t do the greatest, or maybe you liked your pictures but you’d like a more updated look; whatever the case it’s a reason for you to get back in your dress and for your groom to get back in his best and we recreate the fun pictures from your day.

I knew with Mandy and Jake that it would be an enjoyable session, and was I correct! These two had me laughing the whole time as well as each other. Because it was a year later, Mandy did not mind if her dress got a little dirty, so I thought it would be fun if I did a pose that’s fairly popular with engagement pictures where the couple is laying on the ground with their heads next to each other, and they were all about doing it. Of course, with Mandy’s dress and Jake’s height I realized that even with a wide angle lens, my height was a little lacking for the picture, so with the help of the roof of my car, some trust from Jake and Mandy we were able to capture the image and maybe it’s because of all the work that went in to it, but it’s definitely one of my favorite pictures from the evening.

One of the last pictures we did was another feeding of the cake. They had their cake topper from last year and they wanted to use it for this session. For any married folk who have ssaved their cake a year after to eat it, we all know it’s not the greatest. haha The cake itself is fine, but the frosting or fondant is literally quite awful. They found this out a couple bites into the cake and as I was taking pictures you could see their faces go from smiles to disgust to Mandy asking if it was all right if she spit it out. 😀 I truly enjoyed the shoot, and it was blast having an opportunity to reconnect with a couple from last year. Congrats on one year together Jake and Mandy!

A little explanation of this picture. If you remember Jake and Mandy’s engagement pictures here, we used a fishing them with a ring picture since they both enjoy fishing together. So Mandy thought it would be fun to carry on that theme by using a fishing net as a “kissing under the veil” type of picture. Just another reason these two are awesome. 🙂