Mandy & Jake // Teutopolis, IL Wedding Photography

This was my second sibling wedding of this year, and wow! Words cannot express the joy of working with Mandy and Jake. These two are definitely a unique couple and anyone who knows them knows what I mean. I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing them for a year now but Mandy and Jake are such a welcoming and kind couple, you will feel like you’re life long friends. But on top of that, these two are just a ton of fun; cery fun and full of laughter. Looking back at their engagement session you can see the joy these two have being together and the love they have for each other as well.

As I arrived to the church Mandy was, of course, full of laughter and smiles. If she was stressing in the least bit you would not know it. As I mentioned before this was my second sibling wedding of the year. Jake’s sister Jackie (the blog) got married just a few months prior at the same church. And I’m sure you know me by now to know that I want my pictures to look different and be unique at every single wedding. So I faced a challenge that I gladly welcomed. Because they all shared a lot of the same friends/relatives (obviously), the wedding party had a lot of familiar faces. So the challenge was; shoot around the same locations but make them look completely different. The great thing with photography is you can do just that. I can shoot a stair way and make it look different multiple times and you’d never know it was the same stairway. On top of that I remember about a year ago when Mandy met with me, she said she wanted pictures that were different. She didn’t want the same poses, same this and that, that a lot of other photographers do. In fact she had mentioned she attended a few weddings prior where it was the same photographer and every wedding was the same pose, same location… you get the gist. Of course, if you could meet this wedding party, getting pictures that were different was not a problem. WOW! What a fun wedding party, and well… interesting wedding party. Unfortunately a lot of what was done and said I probably shouldn’t repeat on here, but it sure brought a lot of laughs out of everyone, I will say that. 🙂

As the ceremony came to a close, Mandy and Jake were introduced for the first time as a married couple and their smiles could not be any larger. I think some of my favorite pictures from a wedding are the pictures of the couple exiting the alter/stage. Those smiles could not be more genuine.

On to the reception, Mandy and Jake did a wonderful job with the decorations. They really made the reception hall look spectacular.