Matt & Jade // Springfield, IL Wedding Photography

Today’s wedding took us to Springfield, Illinois, and I was especially excited about this location. I’ve not done anything before up in Springfield, so to be able to explore new territory is always something that’s exciting. 🙂 Plus, I knew that Matt and Jade would be an awesome couple to work with, and were they ever. There’s quite a difference in the overall mood of everyone present when you have a bride that is as chill as Jade was, and as a photographer, this definitely makes it easy to feed off of this energy and capture some pretty amazing candid moments. On the other hand, Matt was chill, but you could definitely see the nervousness and his excitement as he prepared for their big day. But do you blame him? it’s been a long time coming for these two, if I remember right, somewhere in the 12 year range that they have been together?! WOW! How cool is that? When these two saw each other for the first time as Jade was walking down the aisle you could clearly see how excited they were for this day to finally be here.

After an amazing wedding ceremony, we ventured out to the state capitol building. However, after a summer of 100+ degree temperatures, a low 40s and windy day wasn’t something many of the wedding party members were accustomed to. But they all put on brave faces and in the pictures you wouldn’t even know that the bridesmaids were FREEZING in their dresses. As we made our way into the reception hall at the State House Inn just down the street from the capitol building, we were one of the first people to step foot into the freshly decorated room. I don’t think this has happened for us ever! So we were able to take advantage of this time to capture some pretty awesome detail pictures of tables and the room untampered with. The DJs set up over 30 up lights around the venue and I can’t tell you how amazing it looked (reason I will show you). Something about up lighting that just changes the look of a room completely, and for any brides looking for an easy way to make their venue look amazing and very elegant, definitely look at doing up lighting!

It was such a fun day working with Matt and Jade and their wedding party. With the chance of rain giving us a scare, we were definitely blessed with absolutely no rain allowing us to get some amazing pictures with the capitol building in the background, and providing for a great day overall for their big day.