Megan // Effingham, IL Senior Photography

I love this time of year. Not only are weddings in full swing, but senior season really begins to take off. With the exception of my ambassadors, Megan was my first class of 2013 senior, and she really set the bar high for the upcoming seniors. 🙂 What a fun senior she was, and it was awesome going to even the most random of locations and trying them out. She didn’t care at all. Like most seniors that come to us, she wanted something different. And do you blame her (or the others that come our way)? You see it almost way too much; senior photographers will take their seniors to the same locations, do the same pose, have the same lighting… same everything! How boring. No way will we ever fall into the “1980s photography” rut. Sure, we might shoot locations that I’ve shot before, don’t get me wrong, however, I’m not going to do the same thing every session. I understand it definitely makes it easy if you know the spot and know the lighting, but that’s the thing I LOVE about photography, I love making myself uncomfortable and keeping an eye open to try new things. I feel like I’ll never grow if I don’t do so. I actually saw a photo that’s being passed around that has two circles that are some distance from each other. Circle one says “Your comfort zone” and the other circle a little distance away says, “Where the magic happens.” This couldn’t be anymore true and this is exactly how I try to operate my business.

Because Megan was so willing to try some new location and see what we could come up with, it really provided for some great pictures. The fact that she was comfortable with it, you can see it in her pictures. One of our locations that we tried was looking down an ally. Not the most appealing looking location, but it’s these types of locations that are perfect for pictures. We had a lot of fun with Megan’s session and I think it’s very clear that she did too from her pictures. I told her some of my favorite kinds of pictures are those where the senior is laughing. And Megan was all about the laughs on the day of her shoot, and it really made for some fun and sometimes humorous pictures.