Melanie & Daniel // Spring Mill State Park Indiana Wedding Photography

Melanie and Daniel’s wedding was number 1 of 2 for this weekend. Natasha and I started our journey down on Thursday so we could be right there for when the wedding day started. It was only 3 hours away, but I figured with a full wedding day and boothOUT job, a drive back and a wedding the next day we better at least save us a few hours in the day. 🙂 It was definitely great to be able to sit back and relax the night of knowing we could wake up a little later and prepare for the day a little slower and not be so rushed. Once a wedding day starts there is no such thing as a break. If you are one considering getting into wedding photography here’s how your typical day looks; wake up, maybe have breakfast, start with prep pictures, maybe first look and creative pictures, jump to the ceremony, and end with the reception. Maybe you’ll have time for dinner, but notice there was no mention of lunch, no mention of bathroom breaks or any breaks really for that matter. Not all weddings are like this, but most of them are, and honestly I LOVE this about wedding days. You’re always moving, always thinking, and at the end of the day when you lay down to sleep that night you are more than ready for a good night’s rest.

Melanie is one of our brides that is a photographer as well (her website), so we kind of got to know each other through many emails back and forth regarding the business of photography, so she definitely got to know who I was and what my personality is like. Because they live quite a distance from me, meeting with each other wasn’t an easy thing to do, and it’s so important to me that couples have a chance to know who I am and vice versa so that when the wedding day comes we don’t feel like absolute strangers; I love having more of a friendship with our couples, it makes it much easier for the couple to be themselves for the pictures. So having the chance to communicate via email many times, I think this definitely allowed us to build more of that friendship.

The wedding day itself was wonderful. It was yet another outdoor wedding that had a chance of rain, and thankfully the rain never happened, in fact at some points the sun started to shine creating for some amazing pictures. Of course the landscape didn’t need the help of the sun. With the wedding taking place at Spring Mill State Park Inn, the scenery was AMAZING!! The inn created for some great pictures and then the little village down the road from it made for some really awesome pictures. One of the new trends in photography is what they call matte images or pictures that kind of look like what film did back in the day, and the scenery we had to work with created for some awesome opportunities to do some matte edits. 🙂

Daniel and Melanie were a blast to work with. From the time we started to the time we ended, they were nothing but smiles, their wedding party was so much fun, and we ended the reception with another BoothOUT event and it went amazing! So many people came through, and the thing I love about our BoothOUT events is that no matter how young or old you are, you’ll LOVE stepping in front of the camera. We love it too! There’s so much laughter and memories created and even though the pictures are goofy and far from classy I think they provide friends and family and even Daniel and Melanie with some great memories from their big day. Congrats  you two!!