Michelle & Caleb // Vandalia, IL Wedding Photography

It was like walking into a dream I had some time ago, except it wasn’t a dream… As I walked into the church it all seem so familiar. I pulled out my camera, looked up at the balcony, and it hit me this is where I shot my first “unofficial” wedding. My cousin (yeah, we had to go all the way to my blogspot blog for this one) had got married in the church two and a half years ago. I had actually just got my camera just a short time before and I wanted to get some practice. I know, I know, I’m one of those people that make it hard to work with. But have no fear, I was not walking the aisles or taking thousands of pictures. I just wanted to snap a few to get the hang of working with my camera, so I wasn’t quite one of those people. Fellow photogs, can I get a witness? 🙂

Now two and a half years later I’m back at the church, but this time I can roam around and capture a wedding, officially. As Michelle and Caleb made their vows to one another it was clear the love the two of them had for each other. It was incredible capturing every moment of their wedding. As they made their exit, the were smiling from ear to ear and they definitely had the newlywed glow surrounding them, and of course this made for some incredible pictures of the two of them. On top of that this was yet again another wedding day that the weather was calling for rain and while it did slightly during the ceremony it held off all evening so that we could get some pictures of Caleb and Michelle together outside. Plus, I’ll never complain about having clouds covering the sky, and I once heard another photog call it, “Clouds are a massive softbox provided by God.” I love them. 🙂 Congrats you two!!