Morgan // Springfield, IL Senior Photography

As I mentioned in Renee’s blog post (because both of these shoots happened on the same day), it really didn’t feel too bad outside because of the lack of wind and abundant sunshine. However, as afternoon approached we still had sunshine, but the wind picked up and it literally felt like ice hitting your skin. Needless to say, this added a bit of a challenge to the shoot. Morgan did awesome during the shoot, she didn’t let any bit of the cold affect the shoot any. But enough about the cold, Springfield was an awesome city to take pictures in. There was so much potential and so little time to even put a dent into that potential. Some of the places we shot at were the same as Renee, but like I said in her post about city shoots (i.e. St. Louis and the arch, Chicago and the skyline, etc.) sometimes there are places that are just too cool you have to go there. However, I tried to add a little different twist to each of the pictures, whether it was the angle, the edit, whatever, I had to make it a little different. 🙂 I had a tremendous time in Springfield with senior sessions and I definitely look forward to heading that way again for more. I realize it’s not a huge city, but sometimes getting out of the area you are comfortable in (even as a senior or an engaged couple) can be a lot of fun. it gives you something new to look at and provides you with an experience and something that you will surely talk about down the road.