My Beginnings

I’ve done a blog post similar to this call Back To My Roots, however this one is a tad different. I was going through a lot of my older pictures from back in the day to revamp my “about me” page on my website. I came across a handful of CDs with a lot of my pictures I took in high school and my freshman year of college when I began my photography passion more seriously. While it seems to be not that long ago, keep in mind when I started photography, digital was only a thought! And even my freshman year of college, digital cameras for even the most basic camera cost close to $2000! You can get cameras that are light years greater now for about $600. So my days began in film. I was using an OLD Olympus body with a couple lenses and a flash that I got off eBay. This was my first “real” camera where I was in control of the shutter, aperture, etc. When my freshman year of college came about, I wanted to step it up and get a better camera, so for my birthday my parents bought me a Canon Rebel K2…. still using film! I don’t know how people ever afforded cameras with film! 🙂 All the money spent buying the film, then processing the film, then buying more film I could not imagine what it would be like today when I take thousands of pictures every month! Lets do the math: If I take 10,000 pictures in a month, divided by 24 (standard roll of film), That’s 417 rolls of film. Five dollars a roll, that’s $2085. Lets say $4 per roll to process to CD, thats another $1668. That totals to $3753!! Thank God for Digital!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO glad that I began in the days of film. Yes, digital makes it easy for anyone to snap a picture, but to really KNOW your camera and what each setting means goes back to the days of film, and I believe that working with film cameras definitely helps give a slight edge on my knowledge of photography. Anyway, back on topic (welcome to my everyday mindset I have thoughts that come and go and come and go!), so I brought up some of the pictures from these CDs that I had found. And below you will see some of the shots are of one winter where we apparently had a TON of snow fall. And THIS is the power of photography. I completely forgot about this snowfall and just this time that I took the pictures, and bring up those images brings back so many memories whether it be when I set up a wood ramp for sledding and hyper extended my thumb causing my entire hand to bloat up like a latex glove with air in it, or the days of enjoying a rear wheel drive car in the snow, wrestling with my dog in one foot high snow drifts, and so much more. Simple memories, but ones that were stored away and forgotten until I bring these pictures up.

How great is it to bring up pictures that you have forgotten about and they do nothing but bring a smile to you? No, these probably aren’t some TIME magazine picture of the year worthy pictures, but to me, and what they mean to me, they are more than that. And it’s that exact reason why I absolutely LOVE what I do. 🙂

I had a fisheye lens on my camera here. Not realizing I’m only a matter of inches away I see the beak open up and come towards my camera. Pretty freaky seeing that these birds are like the size of me!

Miami Beach morning