Nick and Mallory // Centralia, IL Engagement Photography

This was one shoot that kind of came up last minute because of scheduling, but I’m SO glad it worked out. I just happened to have a week off of photographing a wedding, and the one Saturday I had available was the one Saturday that Nick and Mallory had to do an engagement session. Let me preface by first saying, probably about a year ago or more I’ve been REALLY wanting an engagement session (or even a senior session) where airplanes were involved. I had an idea of what I wanted, but I didn’t have access to anything. And a few months ago I had a family shoot where I drove past the airport and the desire for an airport shoot came back. No lie, it was probably a month after that family session that Mallory emailed me inquiring about wedding photography, and we started talking engagement session and she mentioned that her fiancé, Nick, flew and worked on airplanes and it would be cool if they could incorporate that.

Nick took lessons at the airport in Centralia and had a pretty good relationship with the people there, so for their engagement session we were given access to just about anything we wanted there at the airport. This was such a fun time. And while I’m not really one to stick with just one location for a session, I made an exception with their session. Plus, airplanes are a part of their lives, so it works out there. But not only was the loaction amazing to work with and having access to the airplanes, Nick and Mallory were a blast. They were all smiles and willing to try anything. A one point we all crammed into an airplane to get a ring shot with the instrument panel as the background (which you’ll see below), it was at that point I decided I will probably never step into a 4-person airplane again. haha It was tight enough being in there on the ground I couldn’t imagine being crammed in there flying. haha

As we snapped our last location, a really nice private jet landed. And it’s not very often you would have access to such a nice jet, especially in a small town like Centralia. After asking permission, we had to get a couple shots with it as well. Kind of that “cherry on top” moment for an airplane shoot. Overall it was a great (warm) day, Nick and Mallory were all smiles and so much fun to work with and I cannot wait till their wedding day!!