Noah // Effingham, IL Senior Pictures

I always like when seniors guys come in for pictures because it allows me to do a style that I can’t really do with senior girls. Girls we obviously go more the softening skin edits, glowing, modeling type of pictures, where senior guys we can go more the HDR grungy look on their skin tones because that’s what they want. Girls typically do not want edits that exaggerate wrinkles or pores in the face where with guys when you bring out that grunge, those shadows it gives them kind of that bad boy type of look. I’m not really one with words, so hopefully y’all follow me here. HA This isn’t to say that I don’t usually do a grunge edit for girls pictures and a glowing edit for guys, but for the most part these are two different styles, so it’s definitely fun for me to get to do something new. However, I will not be one of those photographers that softens guys skin to make them look plastic-like. I’m sorry but guys should not look like a doll, and I see way too many photographers doing this. Magazines don’t even edit guys to look like this.

Anyway, Noah is a football player, so I was definitely excited to incorporate that into the shoot. He is also one of our ambassadors this year, and with our ambassadors we do a mini session in February/March. We usually don’t go all out on our edits or shoot simply because it’s usually too cold during the mini session. However, when summer/fall time rolls around, we’ve got some big plans for a football themed shoot, and I can’t wait!! It’s definitely going to be pretty awesome, so hang tight for that. He was an awesome senior to work with and definitely rocked the shoot with some awesome pictures.