Photo 101 | Blogging

For this photo 101 blog, I’m going to briefly discuss blogging. So what’s the point of a blog? Why take the time to have one? There are many reasons to have a blog, but I’ll focus on just a few:

1. A blog allows your viewers to get to know you on a more personal level. Having a website is of course very important for a photographer to have, seeing that our business is based around pictures, and there’s no better way to show them off than the World Wide Web (as a side note; a facebook page is not the same as a website). However, how do your viewers get to know you? Sure you probably have an “about me” page, but lets be real, every photographer has one and they all say the same thing, usually along the lines of how we are passionate about what we do and maybe something of our beginnings. This isn’t enough to help people truly get to know you. By having a blog and writing up a little story of each session, your viewers get to know your personality and how you view things from behind the camera.

Another side note: I’ve seen a lot of blogs that have just strictly pictures and that is all. I guess if anything it’s better than no blog, but I find enjoyment writing about each session and reliving that day and some of the special memories. Almost as if it is a public journal that everyone gets to see. I have even had couples write me and say how much they appreciated the blog post and how they put it in their wedding scrapbook… which totally blew me away. It’s a huge compliment and as I say over and over an incredible honor!!

2. From a SEO stand point, by having a blog, you’ve now linked your website and your name to not only one location but two and by doing so you have greatly increased your chances at being close to the top of a google search. I’m not an SEO genius by any means, but I do know having 2 locations is better than one. 🙂 Kind of like if you had a restaurant on one end of town, how much better do you think business would be if you had another one on the opposite side of town?

3. For you personally, it’s a great way to see where you came from. I feel that a lot of businesses fail or fall off the map because they lose touch with their roots. I think by always remember where you came from you can see just how much you have grown has an individual and as a business. I heard a quote one time, I believe that went like this, “If you forget where you came from, you don’t know where you are going.” And I think that’s so true.

So there’s a few upsides to having a blog. Do some research, there are plenty of great blogging sites out there. Happy Wednesday everyone!